What makes us who we are

When I was in the third grade I had a class mate who was extraordinarily annoying. My teacher assigned me to read to him all of the books we were discussing because he refused to read them verbatim, and instead he put his own words into the story. The plot twists that he added to these books were usually immature and inappropriate for a school environment. I always wondered why he did that, and why he was like that. Why did he think this was funny? Why would he want to change the books, when the stories were already entertaining? You could say it is because he was a little boy in the third grade, but no other students were like that.

 So what makes everyone different? Most people believe in a soul or something of the sort. The definition of the word soul refers to the word as a spiritual term. A soul is a piece of us that isn’t concrete. You can’t touch a soul, you can’t hear a soul, and you can’t see a soul. I do not think we have souls. I think the reason we are who we are, individually, is because of stimuli and our brains. Our brains are the artists, writers, and evil geniuses who create our personalities. This article has a pretty good idea on how our brains work and has more information on the topic. However, we still do not know everything about the brain. We actually know very little about it. The human brain is like the darkest depths of the ocean. There are so many things that exist there that we know absolutely nothing about. It’s pretty peculiar as well. I don’t know why my favorite color is dark green; my brain perceives it just as well as it perceives any other color in the spectrum we can see. But I love it. One of the oceans’ most peculiar creatures is the sea cucumber. The first time I saw a sea cucumber I thought “what even is that thing”. I don’t know why they look so grotesque and creepy. I do know that there is probably an answer though; I just don’t know what the answer is.

What sets me apart from a sea cucumber is probably a lot of things, but mostly my brain. My brain sets me apart from anyone who reads these words. Even two things that look the same, like twins, are different because of their brains. This makes me proud of my brain. Despite my poor social skills, unorganized thoughts, and the weird things that I do, I am happy with the brain I have. It makes me who I am. And despite his childish and annoying tendency to change story lines with unnecessary plot twists, I hope my ex class mate whom I read to eight years ago appreciates his brain as well. Have a good day and enjoy your brain!

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