The End in my Train of Thought

My train of thought tends to be very dramatic. I think about serious and mind-boggling things way more than any normal person should. One of the most common thoughts that run through my brain is that of the end. The end of the Earth is just one of the many things I pondered today and I thought I would share with you.

I often obsess about space. My mind cannot grasp the concept of how big space is. I use to think the Earth was pretty big until I thought about the size of our galaxy, and I thought the Milky Way was pretty big until I thought about the size of universes. There are so many things about outer space that are incredibly interesting. For example, quasars, which are similar to stars, can be trillions of times brighter than the sun, and are the size of some galaxies. You can learn more about quasars here if you are interested. Despite how cool quasars might be, the sight of one is actually sad. Because they are so many light years away from us, we are actually seeing their ghosts. The quasars you see in images no longer exist because they occurred millions of years ago.

If we are looking at things through a telescope that are millions of years old, then what if someone a million years from now is looking at us through a telescope? If something was in a galaxy light years away from us and saw us as we are right now, would they feel as sad about us as I do when I see an image of a quasar? To see something in the future, like the Earth, that is now gone and can never come back, would be tragic. It could definitely happen. The Earth and everything on it will eventually die, but how? I have no idea. It is so easy to assume that we will burn up farther down the line, but anything could happen. However it does end, I hope I am not around to experience it.

When you think of things on such a larger scale, like galaxies and universes, the little things seem insignificant. You could say the most important thing that happened today was finding Anne Frank’s marbles, but there are stars exploding and new galaxies forming.

I will leave you with that.


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10 thoughts on “The End in my Train of Thought

  1. I think about this sometimes too. Not all of it, but definitely the end of the world. There have been so many false dates and calculations… I feel like the end is around the corner giggling at human logic!

  2. i liked this post a lot because its the type of thing ive always thought about. when i was younger my sister and I would sit on the roof of our house at night and talk about other life forms and what could be in the rest of the universe. Its hard to believe we are something so small in the scheme of things.

  3. I think about this all the time also. Like is there another species or race that exists? Or are we the only that do? Both are equally frightening; to me at least. From time to time when I am laying on the beach at night back at home, I think about everything that is possibly out there that range from almost everything to anything.

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