The best thoughts

The weekends are great for finishing school work, taking random trips to Disney World, staying up until four a.m., and spacing out. That last one is the one I’m going to address today. I love having a lot of extra time so that I can listen to music and space out for hours. Most people might find that a little boring and would rather be doing something all day (like my sister). However, I enjoy being by myself so that I can just think long strings of continuous thoughts. My best ideas, bewilderment, musing, and theories break into my consciousness during late hours of the night, or when I’m listening to great music. So here is another train of thought.

I was listening to “Somewhere only we know” by Keane, when I started having an appreciation for my ability to hear, as well as all of my sense. Some of us forget how incredible our senses are because we are preoccupied by the modern world we live in. Hearing annoying ringtones, the loud screeching sound of brakes on a car, and the rattling sound of a ceiling fan and the chirping of a fire alarm can make you wish that you could turn your ears off. But I would never want to lose my sense of hearing because without it I couldn’t appreciate the round, deep sound a bass guitar makes, or the echo of a glockenspiel that lasts forever and you never want it to stop. Without my ability to hear, I couldn’t feel as happy and juvenile as I do when I listen to “Young folks” by Peter Bjorn and John. So I’m willing to put up with the sound of someone talking WAY too loud so that I can listen to the things I enjoy.

I’m also extremely appreciative of my ability to look up from my phone for a second to notice things that are much prettier than the glow of an electronic screen. Pixels of an image of a leaf don’t do justice to how awesome a leaf looks when it’s sunny outside. The veins in a leaf are like tiny tunnels that glow from the inside-out. You may think It’s just a leaf as you continue to play your flappy birds game (worst app ever, it’s a total rip off of the old Mario games), but leaves are actually pretty cool. Trees use enormous amounts of energy during times when it’s cold outside in order to change the color of their leaves, as a last effort of survival. All we do during the fall is put on a coat, but trees use carotenoids and anthocyanin to change their color and help themselves. I use to dread the two mile walk from the RTS bus stop to my house, but thanks to my higher appreciation for my senses, I can enjoy the walk because of its beautiful Florida trees with moss hanging from every branch, and the time it gives me to just think my random thoughts.

Really spacing out also gives me creative ideas for art. I usually have a hard time thinking of something creative to draw or paint, so I resort to drawing some pretty black and white image I find on Pinterest. With time to let your imagination crawl around in your brain, creativity can ensue. Time to think also gives me content that I can post on my blog. All it takes is an hour or two of just relaxing and no distractions to your brain in order to solve a problem, find your creativity, or develop a new appreciation for something that you have habituated to.

The best thoughts can come from your mind if you devote some time to it that it deserves.


Word count: 625


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