Mind reading

I’m taking a break from existential-crisis-Raigen to write about a topic that I’m positive we have all thought about at some point. What if we could read each other’s minds?

I would absolutely love to read the minds of others. It would make life a lot easier in several different ways. Firstly, conversations would be more interesting. How many times have you talked to someone who gives really short and vague answers to your questions? Too many would be the answer. If we could know what others are thinking then we could adapt the conversation around what we really think, versus what we actually say. I know that I don’t always say everything inside my head; in fact I rarely say everything I’m thinking. Conversations would be more honest, whether or not that’s a good thing. I think if we could hear each other’s thoughts there is a possibility that it would be utter chaos and everybody would be arguing all the time.

I would probably make friends easier if we could read each other’s minds. I would be able to find out who a person really is, and you could get to know me a lot quicker than you would without my internal thoughts. On the contrary my thoughts might scare people away. When I’m in a public place like school I’m usually very quiet, but my inner personality and thoughts are quite overwhelmingly crazy. I have the utmost respect for my best friend, who does call me crazy on a regular basis, because she got to know me from the beginning when I was quiet and remained friends with me through four years of my weird and wild personality. If people were to hear my thoughts without getting to know me they would either love to be my friend, or they would run in the other direction.

It would be so cool if we could read each other’s minds without a language barrier. I could travel anywhere I want and be able to have a conversation with someone whose day-to-day life is completely different from mine. If I met someone from another country I would want to talk to them all day, but language barriers make that impossible.

Also, reading the minds of animals would be insanely amazing. I always want to know what my dog and leopard gecko are thinking. I have a feeling that my dog would have the most hilarious thoughts, and my leopard gecko could have the craziest personality. Imagine being able to read the mind of an elephant whose tusks were removed and sold illegally. What would a frog be thinking all day as it leapt from tree to tree in search for the most delicious insect? What would a bonobo possibly think about as it socialized with its kind? Of course an animal’s thoughts wouldn’t be as “human” as ours, but it would be so incredible to know what exactly their thoughts are.

To hear each other’s thoughts could also be really helpful in stopping and solving crimes by knowing exactly who the suspect is and what they did. We could also know what is inside the minds of people who we take inspiration from. If only I could have read Van Gogh’s mind. Interviews would be a thing of the past because you would know exactly who you want to hire. Life in general would be easier.

However, if we could hear each other’s thoughts then we would lose some of what makes us human. The guessing game that we play every day by not knowing each other’s thoughts is half the fun of a conversation. I like to have a world inside of my head that is completely my own. If everybody knew my thoughts then there would be no individuality. There would be one large sea of thought, and never a moment to develop into your own self. I suppose it is best that we can’t read each other’s minds.

If there was one thought from inside your head that you would want everybody to know, what would it be?

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