If you jump off of the tallest building in the world, die, and there are millions of people who witnessed it, did the event really happen? How do you know it happened? What is real?

Reality is tricky to define. The dictionary defines it as the world or the state of things that actually exist. That’s one of the worst dictionary definitions I’ve ever heard. I tried googling the worst dictionary definition, but I kept getting results for the definition of the word worst. Anyways, the definition was created by a human, like the idea of reality. Before humans there was no “reality”. We created the idea and its definition. So if the idea of “reality” was totally made up, then what’s the point of pondering what it really is? Well, I am really interested in human thoughts. I think that people and their thoughts are incredibly interesting because they’re unpredictable. I also like how human have thoughts about how unpredictable other humans thoughts are.

The English word Reality comes from a French word meaning “the quality of being real” (I didn’t type the French word because I don’t have accent mark keys). The problem with that definition is that it uses the word “real”, which is defined as an adjective used to describe something that “actually exists”. So how do we know something actually exists? These definitions are all running in circles and can’t give us a thorough definition.

Since reality is a term that was created by humans, then there is no reality. Cats weren’t created by humans, so they exist regardless of how we define them. “Love” didn’t exist before humans because we created that too, so it exists based on our definition of it. If reality is “real”, then what is fake? I guess most people would define reality as something that they experience. To most people, the day that we are living right now is reality. And to most people, days that occur in movies and stories aren’t reality, they’re “fake”. Based on this I would assume that most people imagine something “fake” to be something a human created. When I think of reality I think The Truman Show. This is the second time I’m mentioning this movie on my blog because I just really love this movie. If you’ve never seen it, then I will break it down. Truman is a human that has been placed inside a fake world by a man named Kristoff. (I think that’s how you spell it.) Basically everything in the world was placed there on purpose. His neighbors, co-workers, and wife are all actors. The sky in his world is actually a wall (like a dome) but Truman never gets close enough to the wall because he is scared of water, and he lives on an island. And his whole life was broadcasted 24/7 on TV ever since he was a child for the entertainment of people in the “real” world. Seriously if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it. I’m sure it’s on Netflix. The reason why I always think of this movie is because it portrays the “real” world as one like were living in now, and the “fake” world as something created by a man. I think this is the best way to portray reality. Reality is completely subjective. The only reality we know is the one were in right now. Until something happens to prove that this is not reality, then we have to accept that this is all there is.

Here is an interesting thought. To all of those who are religious, particularly Christians, did God create a fake world for you? I am not religious (if you haven’t already guessed), so I don’t know a whole lot about the theory of god creating man. But if God did create man and the world we live in with all of its creatures, then is this reality? It sounds a lot like Truman’s world. In theory, we and everything we know was created by God. If your God created all of this, then what is outside of what he created? I suppose Christians would say that there is nothing outside of God’s creations because he is all-powerful and all-knowing. But how can there be nothing? This train of thought is going back to my ” ” post so I’m going to end it here.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from any religious readers on your opinions. Also, I’ve changed the look of my blog so everything is a bit more aesthetically pleasing. On one last note, I plan on posting another short story soon, maybe even tonight. I’ve had some good feedback on my first posted short-story so I think I will continue to upload them.

Word count: 850


4 thoughts on “Reality

  1. All of your posts make my brain start going crazy. haha. i think so much about the things you think about and i love that movie as well! i think an interesting thing in this crazy life of ours is our thoughts and why things happen but i don’t think were necessarily supposed to know every bit of why things happen and have an explanation for everything. the concept of reality is one of those things, i believe. i’m curious, what are you majoring in? If its not some sort of psychology, i’m shocked really.

    • I agree that there are some things that we aren’t supposed to have an explanation for, but they’re still fun to think about! Also, I love psychology, but I will be majoring in Zoology.

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