The light at the bottom of the well

He was flying high enough that you could only see him if you took a staircase to the sky. The raven didn’t have a reason to fly low. He soared as high as he wanted to. The afternoon sun reminded him that it’s time to find something to eat. He was never an early bird because all the other birds were always scoping out the parking lots in the early morning, and he didn’t like to socialize. He preferred to fly as far away from all the other birds as possible, in order to keep his mind from distractions. He ever so slightly turned his wings and began his decent. He loved to feel space around his wings where he could move freely. A large parking lot looked like a cloud from the sky, the way that clouds look from parking lots, distant with edges. He dropped even faster towards the parking lot, beginning to pick up speed. He heard the wind whistling loudly and becoming pressurized around him, when suddenly there was no wind. Something grabbed onto his left leg and it acted like a brick wall, stopping him with full force. All he could see was the ground about 20 feet below him. There was no sky in his vision, for the first time. He shook his wings and legs but he couldn’t move much further. He just bounced around as if he was being held by a rubber band. It was actually a power line that restrained him and held him prisoner. How he could have possibly become stuck in a power line, he doesn’t know. Maybe it was the loud booming sound that freedom made, that made him deaf to his surroundings. Surely another bird would see him and come and cut him free. Unfortunately for the raven, no other bird was to be seen, because all the other birds are early birds. He dangled from the power line, upside down, until he couldn’t see any more shadows cast on the ground below him. It was completely dark and he didn’t know if it was because the sun had simply set, or because he was dead. Regardless, he didn’t like his position. There was no freedom, no sky, and no circulation to his foot. About 20 minutes later, a firefly buzzed past him. It was singing a song.

“Oh how do you do my lovely night sky? I’m here to become your eye! With my shining light you’ll see, everything the sun can see. You won’t feel lonely anymore, with my light you’ll become so much more than you hoped for!”

The raven rolled his eyes at the naive bug. He tried to close his eyes and sleep but the annoying light from the bug kept shining in front of his lids. He opened his eyes to see the bug about 2 centimeters from his face, staring at him with a juvenile smile.

“Well! You look unhappy!”

“Why shouldn’t I be? I’ve lost all of my freedom. It’s the only thing I live for,” replied the raven.

“Well don’t you want me to set you free? I can most certainly do that!”

“No you can’t, you’re just a bug. I eat things like you for breakfa- ah uh I mean lunch.”

“Well I can do anything. I’ve been given a gift from the sky. I illuminate the world for him, and he gives me power beyond your control in return.” The bug sang as slightly shimmied from side to side.

“Can you please stop saying well?”

“Nope. I got honey stuck on my wings one day and, well, I just couldn’t fly as well. I fell down a well and got stuck. While I was at the bottom of the well I thought I was going to cry because I couldn’t go anywhere, just like you. Well, the sky lifted me up with its awesome powers and now I’m just so thankful for that well. That well showed me not to take things for granted. And well, now I can’t stop saying well.”

The raven just stared at the bug in disbelief.

“Well ok then, bug bye!” Said the fly as he buzzed away.

“Wait! Well hold up a second!”

“Yes…?” The bug grinned.

“Can you please set me free? I miss my sky, my freedom, and my silence.”

“Yes but on one condition, well, two actually.”

“Sure yes, whatever”

“You must never take your freedom for granted, and you have to promise you won’t eat me”

“I promise” said the raven with a long awaited exhale.

The bug then proceeded to fly away, singing his song.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

“I’m working my magic!” Said the fly, still shimmying.

The raven was furious that he was leaving and started to panic. What if that fly is just a liar and never comes back? He thrashed from side to side and lunged after the fly, when suddenly he felt a great pain. He started falling towards the ground at a high speed when he realized that he was released. He started to fly but he kept leaning to one side. The raven only then realized that he lost his leg, which was still attached to the wire. The raven started to cry as he flew up towards the sky with just one leg. He didn’t care if he only had one leg, because he didn’t need a leg to fly. He kept ascending into the sky until he looked down and saw that the clouds look like parking lots, distant and with edges. He kept flying.

Word count:981


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