The switch

Imagine you are in a room. The only thing in the room is a switch. You can either flip the switch up, causing man kind to stop existing, or you can flip the switch down, leaving man kind to continue on its course. There is no way out of the room, so you have to choose to flip the switch up or down. Which do you choose?

At first glance, this sounds crazy. Why would you ever want to end man kind? Why wouldn’t you?

First, let’s address why leaving man kind to continue on its course is a wise decision. As far as I know, we are the only humans. I think it’s impossible for there to be other humans somewhere out there. In addition, humans are the only species that we know of, that are studying the universe. You wouldn’t want to destroy such a rare species, would you? We also have a bright future ahead of ourselves. If you’ve ever taken a history class, you would know that humans have come a long way in a very short period of time. In the small span of our existence, we have discovered fire and dark matter. We’ve invented the wheel and quantum computers. The future of mankind holds so many more brilliant discoveries and inventions. As far as we know, we are the most intelligent species. It would be devastating if the entire species simply stopped existing.

If you wish to go about your day life believing that what I have said about is true, and nothing else, then stop reading here. Spoiler alert: the next paragraph might change how you look at humans.

Genocide, destruction of the atmosphere, and responsibility for extinction of many plant and animal species, are all things that humans carry. The earth was teeming with life and thriving prior to the human species. Now, we are the reason why over ninety percent of all threatened species are on a cliff, about to be pushed over into endangerment. We kill beautiful rhinos for their horns, robbing them of what makes them incredible and unique, and we have left only 29,000 rhinos in the wild. This number accounts for all the rhino species. We are responsible for the brutal murder of about 6 million individuals of our own species, because of their religious views. 6 million Jewish people were killed because of what they believe in, what makes them different, and what was a freedom. Because of humans burning fossil fuels and clear-cutting forests, the earth is becoming hotter. The icy homes to various animal species are melting, and there’s no where they can go. Holodomor, world wars, racism, destruction of rainforests, ban on gay marriage, biological warfare, and slavery, are just a few things I can name off the top of my head that humans are responsible for. If we have done all of these terrible things in the past, and still continue to do them, why wouldn’t you wipe out the human species and leave earth in peace?

I, personally, would flip the switch down. I would leave mankind alone to continue existing. Firstly, it would be hypocritical to kill the human species, after complaining about humans killing each other. But the reason why I would let humans live is much bigger than hypocrisy. I don’t believe humans exist for a reason. I don’t think humans have a purpose, or a meaning. But I do believe that humans have a capability. We are capable of so much more than what we have shown. I am disappointed in humans, but I believe that because of our bright and shiny minds, we can become a better species. We can make a purpose\meaning for ourselves. We can puff our chests out, wear capes, and declare “we are humans! Protectors of the earth and each other!” This would be extremely hard to do, but I think humans can use their brains for good, rather than bad. This is not to say that we can achieve world peace, because we can’t, but we can become less destructive.

How would you flip the switch?

Word count: 689


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