True Happiness

I felt an immense pressure pushing me even further into the asphalt. It was as if someone had laid a car on top of me, and it caused my ribs to cave in. I opened my scathed eye lids to see the world tilted on its side. Everything was stretching out, never ending from side to side, and there was no up or down. The blood trickling down into my eye caused me to lift my head. Everything started spinning, but I had no choice but to keep going. I looked down at my feet, wiggled my toes, and made an attempt to stand. There were so many burning areas on my body that I couldn’t help but wince and let out a cry. I took just a few steps and collapsed to the right, where an old speed limit sign stood, crooked and spray painted. I grabbed onto the sharp edges of the sign, and used it to support my weight. Just beyond this highway were a small field and a dried up river. I had to make it there, because it had the one thing I was looking for. I trudged over the broken up street. The wind started picking up and blew something right into my face. I had to peel it off because it was sticking to the blood. I held before me a piece of faded, and now blood stained, piece of blue paper. It faintly read “burn calories, try Fatcutslim pills!” Who knew that a dietary pill would cause all of this? As if right on cue, a strike of pained shocked me in my core, and I screamed out. I fell forward and began shaking uncontrollably. The cries erupting from inside of me echoed against the cold, dead buildings behind me. The window panes hadn’t showed a reflection of any human in just over a year. The belittling structures no longer held a purpose; therefore they became giant spears of garbage that just stood in the way of me seeing the sky.

I must have been drifting in and out of consciousness because I was suddenly standing at the field, with no clue as to how I got there. As the waves of pain escaped me there was a rush of something else that overcame me. It was a feeling that I forgot was real. After losing this feel for so long, it became a sort of myth, or a story I liked to tell inside my head. It was a feeling that I could never describe, even when everything seemed so describable. Before this I would wake up feeling content in a crisp white shirt, in a fresh-smelling wooden home that captured light in every corner. Even then, when my mind was healthy enough to define anything, I couldn’t describe this feeling. Now, I finally saw it. The thing that I bled for, the thing that would constantly be running through my mind, even when I was unconscious. My vision became blurred with salty tears. Here I was, standing in the small field, looking at it that stood only ten feet away from me. I wheezed as a struggled for air. The feeling was so overwhelming that it grabbed my heart and lungs and constricted them. I tried to laugh as I cried, but I just sounded like a squeaking drunk man, uttering inaudible words. I can’t believe it. I must be dehydrated or something, this has to be an illusion. This is the thing I have survived for.

I took a step towards it, when I felt a sudden feeling in my back. It was like pain, but so much worse. I didn’t have time to think about it, because it pushed me face down to the ground. My body froze as the feeling spread throughout me. It tore at my flesh and shredded my nerves. A wet and leather-smelling shoe kicked me in my bicep, rolling me over to face the sky. This was the first time I had seen a cloud in – well I would say a long time, but I have no clue how much time has passed. The figure loomed over me, but it became less shapely within seconds. The outline of the person faded and blackness spread across my vision. It completely devoured me. I tried to grab the ground and move, but my body was completely numb. The only thing left of me was that feeling. The indescribable feeling, in the end, made more of an impact on me than dying. This feeling was true happiness.

Word count: 760


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