What time is it?

The concept of time is one of those that when I think of it, I can’t help but laugh internally and think “oh silly humans”. Time is a term that was created by humans, much like reality (check out my post on reality). Of course days and minutes passed by before humans created the term “time”, but they weren’t called days and minutes. I think that time is interesting because of why and how we use it.

I wonder if the first humans felt each second like we can. We know each second feels like just a moment, like the snap of a finger. Did the first humans feel each second, or know what a moment is? They obviously had different terms or thoughts for “second” or “moment”. But did time feel differently to them? Or did they feel time at all? *This is one of those times when I really wish I had a time machine or a T.A.R.D.I.S.*

When did time start? Everything has a beginning. Our planet, galaxy, and stars have all had beginnings. So when did time start? What existed before time? I wonder what a place without time would be like, if it was possible for such a place to exist. However, I know what it feels like to not feel time. We all experience a time-less trance every night when we sleep. When I wake up I have no idea how much time has passed without looking at the clock. Would a literally time-less place feel like sleeping? We also experience a time-less state before and after we live. Before I existed I had no recollection of time, because I didn’t exist. After I die I will have no idea how much time has passed because I wont exist (I don’t believe in an afterlife). Non-existence is a state or time that is stateless and timeless.

A world without time *seems* impossible. My classes run on a time-interval schedule, a car’s speed relies on time, and I need time in order to make microwave popcorn. I think we use time to keep order in our lives. If we didn’t use time as a measurement then we would have a lot of problems. Life without time would be utter chaos, unless we just slept the entire time. In that case, there wouldn’t be much to life. Humans were very smart to use time from the beginning. Because of our use of time as a measurement, we can record and recall history, which I think is extremely important.
What if time just stopped? I don’t think we would even know. If time stopped then our brains would stop working. We would probably die. The earth would stop spinning, thus ripping everything from it into the atmosphere. Life would not be possible. But what if we could stop just time, and skip the affects it would have. In other words, what if you could stop everything that is happening in your life right now? What would you do?

How do we know what time it is? My watch says 11:43 AM, but how do I know that that is the time? Time is relevant, or at least in the way that we use it. Speaking scientifically, time goes on and happens regardless of humans. But time ,in the way that humans use it, is dependent on a few factors. Where you live is a determining factor of the time. Right now it is 7:48 PM in Dubai, and it’s a Thursday. However, it is 1:48 AM in Brisbane Australia, and it’s a Friday. You could “go back in time” if you traveled from Australia to Florida, but only numerically. The events in the life of an Australian cannot change simply by flying across the world to a different time zone. So what time is it right now? Well my watch says 11:53, but my time is in between classes. This afternoon is not only going to be 2:30, but it will also be time to meet with my counselor. I live in two different times. One is my life time and one is the numerical time.
What time is it for you?

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