Throwing oranges changes everything

I have discovered something the perplexes me more than I knew was possible. I feel the need to take a deep breath before even thinking about something as complex and mysterious as what I am about to talk about. I’m going to try to break down my thoughts into random paragraphs that, hopefully, will make sense in the end.

Do you think that everything in our universe is connected somehow? I think that everything is completely random in why it exists. For example, my existence is completely random and there’s no reason why I exist, I just do. However, I do think that we are connected to other things. Everything shares the same energy, so we all have roots that connect to each other. Our thoughts and feelings grow outward from these roots, like a trunk. Our actions, which are influenced by our thoughts and feelings, grow outward even further and become more diverse, like the branches. *its easy for me to explain things with a tree metaphor*

About a year ago I watched the first half of season one of a show called “touch” on Netflix (the amount of times I’ve mentioned Netflix in my blog about philosophy is strange). The show centered around a young boy who is different from everyone else because he could see how the universe is supposed to be linked together, and he felt the need to make these connections when they would fall apart. Although the show was interesting at first, I felt like the idea could only be taken so far before it comes to a dead end (and I believe there were only two or three seasons). I find this ironic because according to the show, there is a never ending string, yet the show came to a dead end. This show has sparked some curiosity in my mind about how our decisions, or even the slightest change in anything, can affect the world around us. I started writing this post back in late January or early February and I didn’t quite know where I stood on the subject, but now I do. I think that everything is linked together at the roots, but the relationship between two things can only exist and change based on our actions. For example, I am linking to you. I may not know you or have anything to do with you, but we are linked. Suppose you live in delaware. One day I might take a plane to delaware for some reason, and walking down a street, I accidently run into you. There doesnt have to be anymore than two seconds for me to run into in order to delay your course of action. Because of those two seconds that I run into you, you are going to arrive at your car two seconds later. Then, because of those two seconds, you hit a red light instead of a green light. Because of that red light, you are arrive to a coffee shop about thirty seconds after the person, who just robbed the shop, had left. The slightest change of course can affect everything in your life, and consequently, the lives of others. If I were to throw an orange, and it accidentally hits you in the head and gives you a concussion, then that one decision I made could cause you to end up in a hospital. However, while at the hospital, the doctor could discover a tumor inside your brain that you wouldnt have known was there (until you felt its affects) if I had not thrown that orange. The decisions we make not only change everything, but the effects they have could be either positive or negative.

You may think that a hummer or an SUV has been just the coolest car ever (both of them are tacky by the way). So you buy a brand new hummer or SUV and you drive it for the next ten years or so until you want the newest tacky pile of junk. That car can put off a ton of polution in ten years, and consumes a lot of gas (which we are quickly running out of). You may say that its just one car and the pollution isn’t enough to destroy the whole planet, but that car has a small affect. When thousands of other people think the same thing and buy the same car, the affects grow larger and will eventually ruin the planet. Living in the moment is great, but you have to think of the negative affects your actions can have. Everything has a cause and effect, what will yours be?

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2 thoughts on “Throwing oranges changes everything

  1. I believe that everything happens for a reason. 🙂 You throwing that orange is the same concept with my friend. He got a concussion playing soccer and when they scanned his brain, they found out he has a tumor condition affecting his nerve endings. He has now had 4 brain surgeries. That concussion allowed him to live 3 years longer than he would’ve, had the tumors not been found.

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