Eternal life

I often put a lot of thought into my actions in scenarios that will probably never happen. One of these that I’ve thought a lot about is the possibility of living forever. I have this well thought out plan for what I would do if I could live forever. I probably put more thought into this plan than Danny ocean did for any of his plans in all of the oceans movies. So what would I do if I could live forever? Well let me tell you…

I assume that if I were to live forever, it would start from my current age, and I wouldn’t have to start from childhood with this plan.

Firstly, I would finish college. I would continue working for the degree I am studying for at the moment, and I would become a Zookeeper. After working as a Zookeeper for however many years I wish, I would go back to college and study something like astronomy or theoretical physics. I absolutely love learning about space and time and everything to do with theoretical physics. So much so, that I would love to work for NASA, or go into space. (Although I’m kind of terrified after watching Gravity)

*eventually I would make an appearance on “through the wormhole”, and I would meet Morgan Freeman. MORGAN FREEMAN

So after studying everything that I could ever possibly want to know more about, and taking on as many career opportunities as possible, I would retire with enough money to fill the T.A.R.D.I.S.. with this money, I would travel across the entire world. I would learn every language, of every country, and I would live in each country for a “lifetime” (about 80 ish years). After living absolutely everywhere, I would begin my diabolical plan of taking over the world (in a good way).

This plan consists of me creating utopian societies all over the planet. These societies would be homes where humans and animals can live in peace with each other. I would also make sure to end world hunger and poverty with these societies, so that every human life and every animal life is lived fully and happily. Happiness is of utmost importance.

After taking over the world and making it a perfectly happy home for all of those who inhabit it, I would leave it. I would travel to Mars or any other planet that could support life, and I would build some sort of sanctuary on the planet to hold prisoners. Anyone who wishes to destroy my perfect utopian planet would be kicked off of the earth, to live the rest of their lives on a planet where I couldn’t care less if they tried to kill each other.

I suppose creating a perfect utopian Earth would earn me a well deserved retirement on some tropical island, but I can’t just stop there. I’m on a roll!
I would then turn the world into a canvas. I think creativity is extremely important. I would try my hardest to make sure that earth became a gallery that extra-terrestrials could stare at like its the freaking mona lisa. Every street, building, and school would become a canvas for any artist to beautify. Music of all types would be embraced and welcomed around every corner. Every child would be trained in the arts to fulfill their creative capacity in any way they please. Random outburts of dancing would be encouraged.
*note twerking is not a form of dancing

At this point I would feel almost complete. Lastly, I would adress religion. Every culture is allowed, and welcomed, to embrace their religion. However, these religions may not interfere with another being’s happiness. For example, no religion, under any circumstance, will prevent people from getting married. Polygamy and same-sex marriage would be totally legal. After preventing religions from harming others, I think I deserve some sort of retirement.

The ultimate retirement would be away from all other civilization. Where could I go to be away from people? The ocean! I would find a place in the ocean to build a home. Imagine waking up to this outside your window. Enviromentally friendly, my home would be built in an area of the ocean where it wouldn’t interfere with any natural habitats, maybe in diepolder cave? The home would be large enough for me, and my reptiles and goats. (I love reptiles and goats). Here is where is would watch Netflix for the rest of eternity, eventually losing my mind and going insane.

So, have you created a plan for if you could live forever? Is there anything that I missed that I should add to my plan? Let me know!

Word count: 778


6 thoughts on “Eternal life

  1. It’s towards the end of the semester, and I just discovered this blog because it was one down from my group’s list. Interesting! I think about stuff like this a lot. I’ll definitely be coming back to read more soon! Keep it up!

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