“The hair band” part two

Hey! If you have yet to read part one of this short story, click here to do so now. If you have read it, then enjoy part two!

The interior of the grand, under-water oak was detailed in every corner. There wasn’t a single dull or ordinary part of it. The only thing that could have made it better was if other people were in it. She realized that she was totally alone. Then, she had an idea.
She ran up and down the piano stairs, jumped over the guitar-string woven carpet, and danced around the drum-topped tables. She stopped to stand directly in the middle of the tree for just another second to take it all in. Her usual activities such as staring up at heavy skies and sitting in the mud by the river bank were incredibly boring compared to running through a musical instrument themed tree under water. She was usually unhappy and bored prior to this day, but not because her life was boring. She didn’t know her life was boring. Say her mind was like a room. It used to be painted a plain blue color. Nobody walked through this room, so it remained the same. She thought that her plain blue walls were great. Now, her room was beautifully painted with colors she had never seen until now. Her room was incredibly boring until she awoke.

She walked quickly up the staircase one more time. A green door to her left seemed out of place. The stairs just ended, and she was sure that she was only a quarter of the way up the tree. The door might have been the brightest green she had ever seen, but it was peeling. The paint down the middle of the door was curling away from the wood, almost like it didn’t want to be there anymore. She plucked a piece of the paint off to reveal a plain wooden door. The strangest thing about this door wasn’t the peeling paint, the size of it, or the location. It was vibrating. She put her ear up to it cautiously and heard a whistle of a sound emitting from it. She decided to slowly turn the knob. As soon as it was fully turned, the door threw open and slammed against the wall. Rock music was blaring through the other side and was so loud that it almost knocked her over. Excitement built up inside of her and she entered the doorway. There was another staircase to her left. She climbed it quickly, though it definitely wasn’t as sturdy as the piano staircase.
The wood of the tree surrounding her was vibrating from the loud bass guitar sound coming from the top. When she finally made it to the end of the staircase there was one more door. This one was just like the other, chipped green paint and all. This time she was prepared. She stood to the side and turned the knob quickly. The door flew open just as the other did, but with a little more force. Light escaped as well as sound. She took a slow but firm step through the doorway. Before her eyes were something she had never seen before. Four men and one woman stood in the center of a large, wooden, and brightly lit room. In their hand were instruments ranging from the electric guitar, to the mic stand. They continued to play their obnoxiously loud, but very fun music as if they didn’t see her. On the front of the drum set was purple writing that read “The hair band” in fading cursive letters. That is when she noticed the fluffy, tangled, long, and hair sprayed hair dos that sat on top of each of their heads. The woman singing stopped and yelled

“Hey hey hey, what is she doing here!!?” The others stopped playing their instruments and looked at the girl through their ridiculous hair. “Hi” she said.
“Who are you?” Asked the bass player with crazy blond hair.
“Your name is Bridges?” Asked the red head behind the drums.
“Not Bridget?”
“I don’t know.”
“But why not Bridget?”
“What’s your name?”
“Because that’s my name”
“Why? Why not Jake?”
“Because it’s just jack”
“Well I’m just bridges” she replied. They all just stood and stared at each other for a few moments. No words were muttered and you could hear a pen drop. The red head looked to his band members, then back to bridges, then back to the band members. Bridges just stared back.
“Well how in the world did you find us? Were in a tree under water for god’s sake! What did you do, fall into a black hole?!?” The singer questioned.
“Well I lost my hair band and then this toad started making rude remarks at me and then I floated and then I drowned and then I drifted and then I went up the piano stairs and then I peeled the green paint off and then the two doors flew open and now I’m here!” She rambled off very quickly. The hair band members just stared at her again. This time their jaws were slightly dropped, and their lips were slightly parted. Their shoulders were raised in confusion and none of them spoke a word. The drum stick rolled off of the drum and made clacking sounds on the floor as it settled.
“Wait. So you lost your hair band? Like, a band like us?” The red head asked.
“No, I lost my hair band that keeps my braids together.”
“And somehow that led you to us?”
“Somehow.” They continued to stand there, flabbergasted. The red head whispered something in jack’s ear.
“No way! No! Not happening!”
“Come on, jack! If we let her go she will tell people about us!”
“You’re not going to let me go? She asked, confused.
“Listen kid, after the eighties hair band phase passed, people criticized us for keeping the band alive.”
“And keeping our hair crazy!”
“Crazy awesome!”
“Yeah so we can’t just let you go, you might tell someone about us. And besides, we can’t give away the location of this tree. Living under water, in a tree of instruments, playing music for the rest of our lives with no critics, and fish as an audience? That sounds like a pretty good life to me. We can’t have some lost kid ruining that!”
End of part two.

Word count: 1053


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