The diddly doo dooplydoodly doo

So I went on a Hiatus. I havent posted anything on this blog in a bajillion years. *bajiliion- raigens hypothetical number that stands for way too many. Notice that I used the word Hiatus. Ever since I started watching shows created by steven Moffat I have been using that word. Anyway it has been forever since I posted anything and I have an excuse; I am too lazy. Before you take that excuse, crumple it up, and eat it, let me explain why it is a good one. So from august to may I have to go to school. Five days a week I go to bed too late and wake up too early to go somewhere that I dont want to be to learn things that I dont need to know for my career path. Then I go home and I do home work, which is just much more school work. they cant keep me at school until nine o clock so they let me do half of it at home. By the time I go to bed I may or may not be done with said work. But when I go to sleep I am so stressed and exhausted that it feels like my brain is vomiting on itself. Yes, that is the most accurate simile I could come up with. Also, when im at school I have to deal with people. And people wouldnt be so bad if everybody would stop with the small talk. Seriously the next time someone asks me what my major is im just going to walk away and ignore them. If you want to start a conversation with me, as me something like “what is the meaning of life?”. If you do, I will actually enjoy the conversation. Small talk is every introverts nightmare. So for approximately 8 months I suffer. In those 8 months I need a creative outlet or I will go insane. This blog just so happens to be my most recent creative outlet. But then, summer happened. School is like a white board with every word ever made written on it. Summer is like a completely blank white board (see, school has me using teaching devices in my similes). when summer starts I just want to lay on the floor and stare at my ceiling fan for 3 months. Forget frolicking on a beach with peers and having fun. I dont want to even socialize. Dont even ask me if I want to take summer courses. NO. Why would I suffer for 8 months and then willingly take more in my free time? I know what the answer is, but I refuse. So during the summer if I dont have any stress, exhaustion, or the need to hug small puppies for long periods of time, then why would I need a creative outlet? But wait…. I have been using a creative outlet. MY BRAIN. I have discovered that I dont need to actually put my thoughts into a drawing or a story, I could just let these thoughts dance the Macarena around my cerebral cortex and shimmy past my frontal lobes (yay brain parts! I know the words for them, but nothing about them!) There was no need for me to write them, and I certainly didnt feel like doing anything for the first few weeks or summer except NETFLIX. I feel like I should have a weekly netflix suggestion. This week it is “The Giant Mechanical Man”. The thoughts conveyed to the audience in this movie are ideas that I have had before, I just didnt know it until they were actually spoken of by characters who I related to.
And that is why I havent posted anything in a while. Please excuse the typos in this post, for it is 2:51 a.m. and I just wanted to put this out there.


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