The hair band part three

Bridges looked down at her feet. She couldn’t believe she was standing in a tree, underwater, about to be inducted into a hairband.
“What instruments do you play, kid?” Asked jack.
“I dont.”
“You never played an instrument?”
“Come over here I want to talk to you for a minute.” They sat by the walls of the tree while the others mumbled something about hairspray and humidity.
“You don’t play an instrument; thats fine. but kid, I need you to tell me what you do so that we can find a place for you.”
“I dont know.”
“Well what did you do right before you ended up here.”
“I wasn’t doing anything. I was lost.”
“Well you still are, but we can find a place for you and you won’t be lost anymore.”
“I didn’t mean it like that. I knew where I was, and I know where I am now. I just didn’t know what I was doing. Im a kid and my parents want me to play with all the other twelve year olds but they just wanted to play kickball. I didn’t want to play kickball, so I always sat by the river. I don’t want to play kickball but I don’t know what I want to do. I’m lost.”
“You see that red head over there?”
“That’s Elias, he once built houses. The girl, shannon, sold printers. The other two guys, Pete and lenny had a family granite business. I sold t-shirts on the street. We all hated our jobs, but we did them because that’s what we were expected to do. Long story short, we ended up creating this hair band. Even though people stopped listening to us on land, we found a way to keep doing what we love. But before we even started the band, we had no clue what we wanted. We were all lost. All it took was for me to sell Elias a t-shirt, and we found ourselves.”
“I dont play any instruments, but I know that I want to be here.”
“Well that’s great!”
“Because I want to show you something.” Jack walked over to the green door. He looked down and smiled at bridges. She anxiously stared back.
“This is no ordinary door. This is a window.” He through open the tiny door to reveal a greenish blue world with hundreds of fish darting around in all directions in front of them. A single pane of glass prevented bridges from falling through. Her astonishment left her stumbling forward for a closer look. She pressed her nose up to the glass to see fish resembling citizens of New York city. There were tons of them swimming in all directions, hurrying from one place to another without stopping to glance around. The blues and the greens of the water blended together and caught the light, relecting onto the glass and then onto her face. Watching through the glass gave her a whole new perspective of the river. The top of the river was like a blanket that covered a beautiful world underneath. The light that only made the ripples more prominent on the surface actually ran across the scales of every fish that passed by her nose.
“You can stay here.”
“Listen to an 80’s hairband play music while watching the underwater world grow? That sounds amazing.”
Her room no longer had walls.


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